If you want to watch daily comics, but need to load the pathetic 206KB of content for the 37KB image, you can script the download of it with curl and egrep.

# Download comics and put them in the users web directory

if [ -z "$1" ]
DATE=`date +"%Y%m%d"`
IMG=`curl -s http://www.comics.com/comics/pearls/archive/pearls-${DATE}.html \
| egrep -m 1 -o "/comics/pearls/archive/images/pearls[0-9]+.(gif|jpg)"`
mkdir -p $HOME/public_html/comics/
cd $HOME/public_html/comics/
wget -q http://www.comics.com$IMG

And there you go. You will download the 53KB HTML page and fetch the 37KB image which makes you a ratio of 0.44:1.

The script downloads the comics of the day by default, or you can pass it a date as first parameter. A good place for this script is your cron table.

I'm gonna improve this script each time I find a new comic now on.

Edit: you can follow the changes here.