Marihela Xfwm theme

I relooked a little bit the Moheli theme with some ideas that throwed my head.

You can go to my gallery, the last screenshots are the most recents. Pick this one.


Dwarf GTK+ theme for Xfce

I was using the Xfce-stellar theme for quite more than a week now. Today I renewed that theme by using the most recent features from the Xfce GTK+ engine like gradients and borders for menu items.

It was an easy hack since both the Xfce-stellar theme and the new default for Xfce are really clean. I mostly changed colors and some other misty stuff. I choosed the name Dwarf, coming from the White Dwarf, since it has a direct relation to Stellar. If you like the next screenshot you can download the theme here: Dwarf.tar.gz.

Edit: I have done some updates while I was travelling by train. There is a gallery with several screenshots and the tarball has been updated too.