Moblin blazing fast

I updated my netbook to give it a new look. I switched the Xfce Panel against bmpanel2 and changed the background (the previous definitelly lasted very long.) Not much changes, but I topped a cold boot of about six seconds, always faster baby :-P And the window manager is OpenBox by the way.

The only real useful entry missing in this panel is a battery monitor. At least I have an indicator over the keyboard that starts blinking when there is about three percents left. What I like about this panel is the cool themes that it is provided with, however the configuration is set through a hand-written configuration file which sucks but what do you want, it is extremely lightweight on the other hand.

Update: Should I mention I totally forgot about the Xfce power manager? Well I did, and it is provided with a notification icon displaying the battery status :-) However I had to fix the default ACPI script related to the lid, since HAL doesn't list it, in order to get the netbook to go into sleep.


VLC with GTK+ look-n-feel

To get Qt applications to look like GTK+ applications run qtconfig and in Select GUI Style choose GTK+. Next click in the menu bar File > Save.

Something is still puzzling me, why does GNOME run VLC automatically with native GTK+ look-n-feel and not Xfce?

Update: Thanks to the power of tig and grep, I figured the Qt library (qt_init function) defines the desktop environment as GNOME for Xfce (this results in GTK+ theming, GNOME like Open dialogues, etc) by retrieving an X11 atom on the root window and compares it to “xfce4” but it seems that this doesn't work nowadays (at least it didn't work within an Xfce 4.7 desktop session). I'm looking forward for sending patches.

Update2: The latest version Qt 4.6.2 doesn't include the code for checking the X11 atom (it's in git), which explains why it doesn't work.