Quick, I need to burn on a headless system

I need to burn a DVD on a system without display. OK there is ssh -X but I want to avoid the click-clickety-click.

I did so, and blog about it in case I need those bits back in the next coming monthes/year.
  1. Create the iso
    • Copy your files in a root directory — make sure the final size is OK
      • DVD is fooling with you since 4,700,000,000 / 1,024 / 1,024 / 1,024 = 4.377GB and not 4.7GB
    • mkisofs -J -R -o isofile.iso ./directory
    • Verify the iso: mount -o loop -t iso9660 isofile.iso /tmp/iso
  2. Burn the iso
    • wodim isofile.iso

Happy Burningeleven1!


Marihela update

Today I was working around Marihela, and I already had the idea of what to do. It is incredibly awe-some to work with an external display. There was enough space for a well sized xzoom, gimp, and full sized terminal (shade/unshade ^_~). You can check out on my gallery.

If you wonder what the GTK+ theme is, it is Aurora-Midnight.

Download Marihela.tar.bz2.

Update: The most recent version of Marihela can be snapshotted from my gitweb interface.



Celestia is a beautiful piece of free software. You can across the space with a speed of thousand astronomical units per hour, discover the outbound of our galaxy, and take the most beautiful shots ever. This is a game I will always like ^_^

Just today I took a trip around Saturn and its nice ring. Next I was looking for wallpapers for my dual head (1280x1824) and captured images from Venus, Mars, the Moon with the Earth, and so on…

You can check my desktop with Mars. The quality and the number of details are really impressive.