... and moving on

Hum, yeah well my server is crap. That I already knew. But with a storm hitting the power supply (+ I fired my UPS because of that) it is really crap.

Massonnet.info is off, massonnet.org is sold, my laptop is no more (there is a post in my local git about my crappy laptop, and I guess it will take me a month or two to get it online)... And that was already too much about something related to crap.

I don't know exactly what is wrong with my server but I already found a replacement of the motherboard+RAM+CPU for a total of 149€. I'm not yet sure I want this replacement!

I still need to refer to crap. So I was looking into the Google apps a little more recently, and I tried Picasaweb. When I saw a completely unrelated album in it I dropped it... I was wrong doing that, it was the images from this blog. Sigh!

So long for the last post.