All my day from Sept. 22

Morning, 9 o'clock, I get up and turn on the computer, work starts.

11 o'clock, I finish my work stuff from the morning to jump into another priority, getting at the office, which is 110+KM far away. I was a bit doubtful if I had everything, looking and re-looking, my pants are on, my data is in my USB key which is in my carry-all.

Still, that day I learned a lesson: never ever pretend to have your wallet in your usual pants! Never. Never.

I drove around 50-60KM before it took my attention that I forget my wallet. No credit card, no licence, no money, that means a lot of trouble at the toll… I had a coin of 1€ in my pants, which means I was missing 6€40!

I stopped by at a filling station and asked random people for a coin and it took me 20 minutes :-) I love you people out there. You saved my day.

2 o'clock in the afternoon, I was at the office.


Mount remote file systems (Tape #2)

I once wrote about sshfs.sh, a shell script to mount a remote file system with sshfs. This is now deprecated!

Now I'm giving a try to gvfs-mount. Currently I can mount a volume and list it with gvfs-mount --list, but I cannot browse inside it because it isn't mounted. I played with the --mountable argument, but it must be a joke. I think I need a something fuse daemon from gvfs... I'll keep this up to date.

Update: Everything is alright now. The output of ps ax | grep gvfs shows the following process: /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfs-fuse-daemon. All your mount operations will be available at $HOME/.gvfs.

The recent GTK+2.14 release introduces a widget to ask a password thats called GtkMountOperation (have a look at the GTK+ blog). It might be interesting to start a Thunar plugin, and release it officially with Xfce 4.8.

Update 2: And on a fresh Debian install (or in general anyway) don't forget to install the fuse-utils package (/usr/bin/fusermount)!


Google Chrome

Is O.K.. I just tried Google Chrome, and it kicks the ass! I can already dump it against I.E. Firefox or what else there is out there.

Its design is brilliant ;-) I like using the browser as the GUI to do everything, having a simple toolbar and tabs, displaying the messages of the status bar by fading it in and out, and there is not even a heavy preferences dialog. Everything is fine.

You did a browser that is gonna rock, you three people on that comic ;-) I guess there were more than just you, isn't it?

And you, you have to try it out. I hate using Internet Explorer or Firefox when I'm on a friends machine, so now I can use Chrome that just takes a minute to be downloaded and installed and ... ready!