Note to webmasters

I was watching the statistics of my website, from free.fr, when, *wohoo*, I have seen there were over 10000 visits in the last month. What's happening there? My website? 10000 visits? Something _is_ wrong!

After I've check out the facts, a website was using an image directly from mine. That sucks, and this webmaster is just an idiot. I was looking around his website to get contact with him, but, WTF is his email?! Nothing here, nothing there. OK! I have a radical solution to get him to drop the image.

At this point you could be shocked if the name "g0atse" is something you don't know. So please don't open the next links I will print. The icon in question was no more used in my website, so I had just to create a special image for replacement >:-) I did, and voilĂ  the result: comar.gry-online.pl.png. It took less than 6 hours before he dropped the image, actually he uploaded the original image to imageshack.us. Still an idiot.

So, webmasters, do NEVER use an image directly from another website, it could be dropped from a day to another, or even worse...

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