Quick, I need to burn on a headless system

I need to burn a DVD on a system without display. OK there is ssh -X but I want to avoid the click-clickety-click.

I did so, and blog about it in case I need those bits back in the next coming monthes/year.
  1. Create the iso
    • Copy your files in a root directory — make sure the final size is OK
      • DVD is fooling with you since 4,700,000,000 / 1,024 / 1,024 / 1,024 = 4.377GB and not 4.7GB
    • mkisofs -J -R -o isofile.iso ./directory
    • Verify the iso: mount -o loop -t iso9660 isofile.iso /tmp/iso
  2. Burn the iso
    • wodim isofile.iso

Happy Burningeleven1!

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