All my day from Sept. 22

Morning, 9 o'clock, I get up and turn on the computer, work starts.

11 o'clock, I finish my work stuff from the morning to jump into another priority, getting at the office, which is 110+KM far away. I was a bit doubtful if I had everything, looking and re-looking, my pants are on, my data is in my USB key which is in my carry-all.

Still, that day I learned a lesson: never ever pretend to have your wallet in your usual pants! Never. Never.

I drove around 50-60KM before it took my attention that I forget my wallet. No credit card, no licence, no money, that means a lot of trouble at the toll… I had a coin of 1€ in my pants, which means I was missing 6€40!

I stopped by at a filling station and asked random people for a coin and it took me 20 minutes :-) I love you people out there. You saved my day.

2 o'clock in the afternoon, I was at the office.


  1. Evening, 11:20 pm, leisure time starts. I check a couple of Linux sites for news and software updates, find the "developer's blog" on the XFCE site, click the link because I expect expert news on the new "Pinkie" release.

    And then that. Frankly, does the world really need to know about your little "forgot-my-wallet" adventure? And if so, does it need to be linked to on the XFCE site?

  2. Haha, really funny. Thank you for sharing this story with us.