Moblin blazing fast

I updated my netbook to give it a new look. I switched the Xfce Panel against bmpanel2 and changed the background (the previous definitelly lasted very long.) Not much changes, but I topped a cold boot of about six seconds, always faster baby :-P And the window manager is OpenBox by the way.

The only real useful entry missing in this panel is a battery monitor. At least I have an indicator over the keyboard that starts blinking when there is about three percents left. What I like about this panel is the cool themes that it is provided with, however the configuration is set through a hand-written configuration file which sucks but what do you want, it is extremely lightweight on the other hand.

Update: Should I mention I totally forgot about the Xfce power manager? Well I did, and it is provided with a notification icon displaying the battery status :-) However I had to fix the default ACPI script related to the lid, since HAL doesn't list it, in order to get the netbook to go into sleep.


  1. Hey Mike,

    I know this is probably the wrong place to ask this but I recently found your vala tutorial on cairo. Firstly i wish to thank you for your work, you explore a lot of aspects of vala programming in that tutorial and actually provide real world examples of things only mentioned in the primary vala tutorial at live.gnome.org/vala/tutorial...Being new to Vala and OO programming in general, I would really like to learn to take advantage of some of the things you showed in your tutorial. Would it be possible to provide a link to downloadable vala files that you used in creating that tutorial. From what I could tell it is not possible to simply copy and past that code and get it working. If however there was a link with to either a single vala file or a zip containing those files then I could download them, compile it and start to play around with it and learn how these things work...

    Would really be appreciated...
    thanks in advance,
    Karl Zollner

  2. That's one thing I forgot to add, but never took time to do it. I will do it this w-e and post an update so everyone knows. Thanks for letting me know you liked it :-)

  3. Apparently I'm taking my time to make them available. Problem is I don't remember exactly where all those are... I will see this when I find some "free" time.

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