rndc retransfer failed: not found

I came accross the dummy error rndc: 'retranfer' failed: not found, with many unhelpful articles. If you run a rndc retranfer command, and get this error, make sure there is an entry for the zone on the slave, it may be helpful…


  1. May We have an eta of 4.12!

  2. Sorry, this wasn't supposed to be posted on http://blog.xfce.org/

    For an ETA check the mailing-list, it's been asked quite often.

    1. Anyway, translations at 100% never are reuploaded even if one tweak a 100% to make it more gramatical correct.
      I thing you need tweak the cronjob (as you say ealier) for upload all the translation even 100% like parole (spanish 100% but have error, I updated this 1 month ago and for now remain whit the old 100% and the errors)

    2. Please discuss on IRC Freenode #xfce or the mailing-list xfce-i18n, and give us the name of the project, or component on Transifex.

      Mailing-lists can be subscribed at http://mail.xfce.org/