Prospective work on Xfce

As Xfce 4.6 is coming it might be good to throw updates for the panel plugins I maintain at the same time.

The panel plugins I maintain are:
  • The notes plugin
  • The FS guard plugin
  • The clipman plugin (this one is prolly the most wanted)

For the notes plugin I got already most features I was thinking of in, except formatting (which I doubt that I will work on), so the release going on here will be minor.

For the FS guard plugin I was asked to reverse the progress bar so that it shows the capacity remaining and not the free space... well something like that :-) Now I'm confused and don't remember what it really displays.

The clipman plugin needs a rewrite. To my taste it features too many options, and I will split most none-obvious options to an "Advanced..." tab. The first release will most probably be the rewrite, than will follow another release for a long asked feature that is action on pattern matching — open a web page automatically, display a menu, and so forth.

Other than plugins I maintain applications.

The applications I maintain are:
  • Xfmpc
  • Eatmonkey

Sadly for Xfmpc — a client for MPD — I no longer run MPD to listen to my music, so this hacking is freezed at the moment. My current favorite player is Audacious.

Eatmonkey is a small application where I learn to use new frameworks. There won't be an official release before very long.

Hopefully I will get the clipman plugin out before end of December!


  1. While you are at rewriting clipman, please try to keep it low in terms of processor wake-ups per second. Consider it a challenge :)

  2. Patter matching sounds excellent!

  3. It would be nice if there is a pop-up screen to ask for confirmation before the note is delete. It's quite easy to delete the note accidentally by pressing the short-cut key.

  4. Thanks for xfmpc!
    Small footprint, it does what it has to do. The thing I think it would be nice, would be the ability to play audio CDs. A small and light mpd/CD player for Xfce (xfmpcd?) that we could use with thunar-volman to auto-start/auto-play audio CDs.

  5. I would be willing to take notes off your hands if you have too many things or not interested anymore.

  6. @Anonymous: Sure, I will keep the wake-ups low ;)

    @Marco: Sorry, but Xfmpc is not a CD player, buy a Hi-Fi! Or, rip your CDs with Asunder.

    @CodeHack: Consider writing patches first, you can attach them to new bugs on bugzilla. Then we can always get closer and open a goodies developer account for you :)