Console keyboard layout and beep

Two quite annoying bits to remember so lets blog 'hem. Under a tty the keyboard may have a bad layout, I know perfectly changing it under X with setxkbmap but I usually Google for the console. The answer is loadkeys. Running loadkeys -d will print the current map file that gives an idea where to find the maps. Switching the map works like loadkeys /lib/kbd/keymaps/.../fr-latin1.map.gz, in other words just pass the map file. Now to come to the other annoying command to remember is the ability to cut off the beep. It works with setterm -blength 0.

Update: passing the locale directly to loadkeys works (thanks Boris), neither the help output nor the man page mentions this.

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  1. To switch the keyboard layout in the console you could just do : loadkeys fr

    You don't need to give the whole path as argument.


    PS : Tu deviens quoi ? T'es mort ? Donne des nouvelles !!