Console keyboard layout and beep

Two quite annoying bits to remember so lets blog 'hem. Under a tty the keyboard may have a bad layout, I know perfectly changing it under X with setxkbmap but I usually Google for the console. The answer is loadkeys. Running loadkeys -d will print the current map file that gives an idea where to find the maps. Switching the map works like loadkeys /lib/kbd/keymaps/.../fr-latin1.map.gz, in other words just pass the map file. Now to come to the other annoying command to remember is the ability to cut off the beep. It works with setterm -blength 0.

Update: passing the locale directly to loadkeys works (thanks Boris), neither the help output nor the man page mentions this.


  1. To switch the keyboard layout in the console you could just do : loadkeys fr

    You don't need to give the whole path as argument.


    PS : Tu deviens quoi ? T'es mort ? Donne des nouvelles !!

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